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FOG Monitoring and Training

MMS provides FOG management and control program services for municipalities and utilities. MMS can conduct full service FOG program activities for POTWs or conduct on-site FOG training programs. MMS’s FOG program allows POTWs and other departments to understand the impact of a proper program effects SSO prevention, sewer maintenance, odor control, POTW organic loading, stormwater impacts and codes enforcement.

MMS FOG Program Options
Each municipality is different, so FOG programs are developed based on the specific needs of each municipality. Generally, MMS FOG programs include working with the municipality in planning and coordinating initial FOG training classes

  • MMS FOG Program Service Options include:
  • FOG Program Evaluation Audit (Is the program fulfilling CMOM and state regulatory requirements?)
  • Sewer Use Ordinance review  (FOG and industrial pretreatment review and update)
  • FOG Program Management Policy and Food Service Establishment (FSE) Enforcement Response Guide
  • Conducting FSE FOG inspections, issue noncompliance notifications, track FSE information in database
  • Inspections include distribution of FOG program materials, interview of FSE mgr/owner, review of grease control equipment and ID of proper components, documentation of problems with digital pictures.  As of December 2006, MMS FOG inspectors have conducted over 9,000 food service establishment inspections in over 20 cities.
  • Provide Training Classes
  • Municipal/Utility one day FOG training class with field inspections
  • Grease Waste Haulers and Plumbers Grease Control Equipment Certification Class
  • Food Service Establishment FOG Program Awareness Class
  • FOG Educational Materials
  • No FOG Dog cartoon TV commercial (30 second and 15 second segments)
  • FSE FOG inspection forms
  • Noncompliance Notification forms
  • Grease Interceptor Maintenance brochure or handout
  • Grease Trap Maintenance handout
  • Sewer Dept. Vehicle Decals
  • Residential Notifications
  • and many more

Since March 2003, Metro Water Services of Nashville, Tennessee has been a client of MMS. The Metro Water Services FOG program has increased FOG waste volume pumped by over 100%, reduced FOG related SSOs, and increased maintenance on interceptors and traps by over 50%. MMS is proud of the success of Metro Nashville’s FOG program, which is proving to be a template for many other cities in the nation. To view Metro Water Services’ Environmental Compliance website, click here. (see II. Grease Management section). Some of the other MMS clients include Chattanooga, Tennessee; Kingsport, Tennessee; and Franklin, Tennessee.  Also, MMS has worked with cities throughout the United States.

On-site FOG Classes
MMS provides one or two day FOG training programs for municipalities. Some cities prefer to conduct the FOG management and control program with their own personnel but need training for their personnel in order for the FOG program to be effective. MMS has conducted FOG training for state government agencies and for several municipalities. The one-day FOG training includes five hours of classroom Powerpoint™ presentations and questions and two hours of field instruction at area food service establishments to demonstrate FOG inspections to municipal personnel. The two day FOG training includes a two hour introductory session for Building/Codes Department personnel, Plumbing Inspectors, Health Department personnel, Stormwater personnel, as well as Wastewater personnel. This two hour FOG introduction session is critical for communicating to the various departments the need and impact of the FOG program. The two day FOG training also includes presentations to area grease waste haulers, schools, other regional or jurisdictional users and restaurant associations. The following is a list of some of the topics covered during FOG training:

  • Why have a FOG program?
  • Communication between departments
  • Performance indicators
  • FOG defined, numerical limits
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Types of grease control equipment
  • Food service establishment inspections
  • Noncompliance notifications, handling enforcement issues
  • FOG data management

To Schedule FOG Training Classes contact:

Byron Ross, MMS President

For More Information about FOG Management

Please contact Byron Ross via email for additional information:

  FOG blockage in pipe from food service establishment which caused an SSO event.  
  SSO due to FOG blockage. Indicates why not only Wastewater Departments are concerned but also Health Department and Stormwater Division.  
  FOG in downstream Manholes from food service establishments without proper grease control equipment.  
  FOG in downstream Manholes from food service establishments without proper grease control equipment.  

Water Environment Federation

EPA (Wastewater, SSOs, CSOs, Stormwater)


For more information about MMS, please contact us:

Byron Ross

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